Professional Cleaning for Dental Build Up

Dental cleanings, one of the general dentistry services offered by your Laramie, WY, dentists, Dr. Jennifer Doser and Dr. R. Kendall Peebles, of Grand Avenue Dental Center, are essential for a healthy smile. Visiting the dentist every six months for professional cleanings gets rid of build-up on your teeth and helps you keep your gums and teeth healthy.

How dental build-up affects your oral health

Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar, two substances responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing and flossing get rid of plaque on and in between teeth, but it's not always easy to reach out-of-the-way places when you brush and floss. If plaque is on your teeth when you take a bite of a food that contains sugar or carbohydrates, a chemical reaction occurs. The combination of the sugar or carbohydrates and the bacteria in plaque creates acids. These strong acids begin to weaken your tooth enamel, which can eventually lead to a cavity.

Cavities damage your teeth and may weaken them if the decayed area is large. Weaker teeth are more likely to break and may need dental crowns to protect them. If the tooth decay spreads to the pulp in the center of your tooth, you may develop a dental abscess, a bacterial infection that can affect your health without emergency treatment.

Removing plaque also prevents tartar from forming on your teeth. Hard tartar develops if plaque remains on your teeth for as little as 10 days. Tartar, a brownish deposit, often forms on the bottom of the teeth next to your gums. Although plaque can be removed by brushing and flossing, visiting the dentist for a cleaning is the only way to get rid of tartar. The deposit can irritate your gums, increasing your risk for gum disease. Gum disease causes painful, inflamed gums and can even lead to the loss of teeth if you don't receive prompt treatment.

Regular professional cleanings protect your oral health

Cleanings are one of the most important general dentistry services the Laramie, WY dental office provides. During cleanings, both plaque and tartar are removed from your teeth using special dental instruments. Getting rid of plaque and tartar not only reduces your risk of cavities and gum disease but improves the appearance of your teeth and freshens your breath.

Do you need to schedule a dental cleaning or another general dentistry service or treatment? Call (307) 742-0772 make an appointment with your dentists in Laramie, WY, Dr. Doser and Dr. Peebles of Grand Avenue Dental.

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